Your an idiot, all u typed has opinion written all over it. First of all, everyone knows about SSJ3 Gotenks having a slight advantage over Super Buu, and Ultimate Gohan had an overwhelming advantage, thus making him stronger. Goku's the man's father & he still grabbed Vegeta over him when kid buu destroyed earth, fully knowing which would better a better aid in the final battle against kid buu. Note that he used foresight during the cell games and when fighting fat buu, knowing he could win but deciding not to, so its possible Goku could've won. Vote. He is a brilliant hand-to-hand combatant, he is invulnerable, he can do molecular manipulation, and can manipulate, absorb, and project energy. Goku and vegeta both said that buu's strength is increasing when he was about to evolve into kid buu. Tokeupdude 21:57, October 21, 2011 (UTC). no he didnt. and gohan was beating him up but doing no real damage. If someone from the Marvel Comics wants to take him on, then they need to be cosmic beings or Gods, basically. gohan unlocked his full potentiel so it was probably only ssj2.5 he never beat the ssj2 level, theres no such thing as ssj2.5 nor is ssj2 a set power level. GT is canon you fucking idiot. Now we know that Goku said he could have beaten Majin Buu (and he said this pretty definitely) when he first met him, and he seemed to be holding his own against Kid Buu, but concluded that though they were about equal, Goku didn't have enough power to actually beat him. plus piccolo was wrong. Anyways, Buu adds Gohan's power and  becomes even stronger than he was before. When Vegeta and Goku say that Kid Buu>Super buu it was when it was transform to the Ultimade Buu when he absorve the North kai That strong Kai. Even though Goku faught evenly for a while, he was no match in the end because Kid Buu was toying with him. You saying your smarter than me has no basis, and saying "thousands of times weaker" just proves how much of an iidot you are. Zenoftw"I may be just a pothole in the road to you big guy, but it's going to be one hell of a deep pothole." I think he is because Goku said Super Buu would kill him and Vegeta at the same time, while Gohan dominated Super Buu effortlessly. I personally think SSJ3 Gotenks is stronger than SSJ3 Goku. READ THE MANGA WATCH THE ANIME! Fat buu was wayyy wayyyy wayyy out of the scene. he couldnt have given all of his power, goku only took a portion. So despite the fact that Goku and Kid Buu fought on equal level, you placed Kid Buu 3 places ahead of Goku? He also said he watched everything while he was in the other world so he knew of Gohan's strength yet he still said ONLY Goku can fight Kid. buuhan>super buu>kid buu>hirudegan>fat buu, Movies aren't canon so I wouldn't read too much into it. VS. Don't think this has been done before.So in DBZ most people will agree that Mystic Gohan is stronger than SSJ3 Goku.In DBGT It is said that Goku goku said "its a risky gamble but one i want to take. why, if gohan was enough? SSJ3 Gotenks < SSJ3 Goku. Then people say there's no evidence he got weaker when he absorbed the Kai he only "calmed down." Being a Half-God, Hercules is nigh-omnipotent and invulnerable to almost anything. gohan said those tricks had no effect on him because of how well hes been trained. Here is my Reaction to the Episode!! and prove it can even be mastered. When we take a look at <270 episodes, we may think that gohan is stronger but afterwards, we can assume that goku is stronger. 21:31, December 28, 2011 (UTC), In the manga, it is heavily implied tha Ultimate Gohan was stronger. is My . if both android 17 and perfect cell can defeat freeza, this doesnt mean cell = 17. But kid buu is weaker in power level than super buu. The current order of which one is strongest is inverse to which one has the highest potential: Goku is stronger than Gohan who is stronger than Goten. So, actually Buiccolo was stronger than Super Buu, but weaker than Buutenks. Now about spirit bomb and gohan giveing his energy and it wasnt enough. Ultimate Gohan is way stronger than super saiyan 3 Goku (don't bring Hirudegarn, Goku is my favorite character but this is all dragon punch PIS). Therefore, even if Toriyama said in the interview that Gohan was the strongest unfused character in DBZ, why the hell would he make him getting beaten-up, or make Goku to beat Buu..Maybe he thought Gohan is the strongest, but Goku is the best... (Piccolo was about equal to a SSJ Goku). It is a published work of the Dragon Ball franchise. goku said that him (in ss3) and vegeta (in ss2) cldnt beat super buu and that they wld lose while gohan single handedly pwned super buu. Dark Phoenix: Who Would Win In A Fight? He has done some incredible feats in the Marvel Universe, ranging from deflecting huge asteroids to producing antimatter. By this logic Gohan > SSJ3 Goku. SSJ3 Gotenks wasn't as strong as Super Buu either. The anime doesn't provide a clear answer to this question, but the manga reveals that Gohan has the edge over Android 17. no you didnt establish shit. That means he must also relearn how to transform into a SSJ. 04:05, August 20, 2011 (UTC), "A full powered version of a ssj3 Goku could've beaten Gohan.". Then people say Goku was scared of Super Buu. Plus Kid Buu is stronger then super Buu. We all know that SSJ3 puts a very large strain on the users body, while with Gohan's unlocked potential, it's as if he is normal with no strain on his body or his energy level. But again, In the Wrath of the Dragon, Ultimate Gohan is defeated by Hirudegam who is again defeated by Ssj3 Goku. If Gohan was as old and had the same experience as Goku it still wouldn't be good enough. On the other hand, when Piccolo Buu was made, Goku said "Gohan can take you now". Goku is Stronger than Ultimate Gohan when goku was powering up every one felt it even in the kai's world but when Gohan was powering up it was felt only in the kai's world. In that form, she can match Ultra Instinct Goku stride for stride. But still Ultimate Gohan is stronger than SSJ3 Goku.BardockGoku 08:19, October 22, 2011 (UTC). Sure Goku damaged Kid Buu but Kid Buu was getting stronger as they were fighting and was most likely toying with him just like he was with Vegeta. Ultimate Gohan wouldn't have last anywhere near as long as ssj3 goku against kid buu, If he would have survived at at all. He also takes punches that did damage to Gohan, like they were nothing. and as soon as goku was ssj, he was like "yeah i win" because he now could push it. He said "Gohan can handle you now". I disagree, since Goku Gt = Z Goku SSj, if he went SSj3 he would count as 50 times Z Goku SSj3, which you cannot argue is far stronger than Ultimate Gohan in Z, not to mention in Gt. Goku also said he and Vegeta together could not beat Super Buu even in his normal form. . Mystic Gohan > SSJ3 Gotenks >= Super Buu ~ Super Janemba > SSJ3 Goku > Kid Buu ~ SSJ Gotenks (post-rosat) > SSJ Gotenks (pre-rosat) > Fat Buu ~ Fat Janemba, SSJ3 Goku > Mystic Gohan > SSJ3 Gotenks >= Super Buu ~ Super Janemba >> Kid Buu ~ SSJ Gotenks (post-rosat) > SSJ Gotenks (pre-rosat) > Fat Buu ~ Fat Janemba, No. 18:16, October 25, 2011 (UTC). he tried powering back up to full power but was left too tired. The gap may not exist at all. She was able to summon mythical creatures, eat sines, and even raise the dead, among other things. It is difficult to say who was stronger but in my opinion, goku ssj3 was stronger than gohan. And don't get on here talking about how powerful Kid Buu is. kid buu is massively weaker than super buu, maybe hundreds of times weaker.". But he’s also able to access different levels of power through going Super Saiyan; he doesn’t always have to operate at full power. Fortunately, the Marvel Universe has a lot of superheroes who can rival Goku's Ultra Instinct. Supreme Gohan! Gohan was stronger than Cell, too, he just took a significant injury to save. As Vegeta never turns Ssj3 it would be difficult to decide whether Ultimate Gohan is stronger or Ssj3. For starters, Gohan couldn't beat Super buu Gotenks absorbed While Goku, who, stated that Buu's power had increased greatly after transforming into kid buu, was an equal to kid buu and even had the advantage at some, points in the fight. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. he still has the power level. he had to in order to be ssj again despite being ultimate in z. its in the gt perfect files. They said Kid Buu is the difficult one because he's stronger not because he's crazy. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Goku, who is a mere mortal and there are a lot of ways to hurt a Saiyan. So Goku is better in the end but i would say Gohan will always have more potential. As far as goku looking for a fusing partner is concerned, Goku knew he had to utilize a lot of energy in his ssj3 state to defeat buu. Just to make my opinion absolutely clear, Gohan is stronger then Goku at the end of the buu saga.Jpark0015 16:07, August 30, 2011 (UTC). since you think the english dubs are canon, that is what you should call piccolo from now on. As we all know that Gohan is better than Goku so you can all continue to sucking dicks and licking pussies thank you. Tokeupdude 18:36, January 13, 2012 (UTC). Gohan is still quite a bit stronger than Super Perfect Cell. SSJ3 Goktenks fought evenly or superior to Super Buu. and then he became SPC and wounded gohan but onyl because gohan had to shield vegeta. Making Gohan lose his confidence to beat him. I for one follow the Anime. Here's why: after fighting Majin Buu, Goku implied that an even stronger warrior than him was coming. in the manga, if you have a huge power, you win. I don't see how this is difficult. 16:32, August 21, 2011 (UTC), It was stated in the manga that Ultimate Gohan was stronger than SSJ3 Goku and SSJ3 Gotenks. While Ultra Instinct Goku could overpower him in battle, Doctor Strange can easily send him in another dimension with a snap of his fingers. Goku had only used the transformation like maybe 4 times. he is. After going through the transformation, Goku became one of the strongest— if not the strongest— mortal beings in the Dragon Ball Multiverse. Goku told Majin Buu that "a fighter even stronger then me is coming". I mean it would be a lot smarter for Trunks and Goten to fuse and became gotenks ssj3 and give energy but the didnt.As you know from previous sagas. and goku was turned into a body smaller than a flea so he was too small to fight properly. Gotenks is younger and less experienced than both fighters band his technique is sloppy. Why should I think your anything but a troll with your retarted, uneducated comments. Well gohan was no Mystic when he gave his energy. you misread the quote. no he never "overestimated" gotenks. Also kid buu is stated to be more ruthless and evil,not stronger. Okay, I'm going to stop this. Imagine what would happen if Rogue takes the power of Ultra Instinct away from Goku— she could easily become the strongest mortal in the whole Dragon Ball Multiverse. Son Gohan: The People's Champ Gohan's fight with Kefla in the manga version of Dragon Ball Super reveals that the son of Goku is much stronger than originally thought. I think Goku is a more powerful SSJ3 than Gotenks. Dragon Ball Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. How Strong is Ultimate Gohan. Adding on to that Vegeta said Goku is the only one capable of fighting Kid. He defeated Kais that were supposed 1000 times stronger than Frieza who was at 60 million at 100 percent and assuming earth had 6 billion people living on it averaging in strength anywhere from 4-10 plus some of Gohan's ten to tens of billions and the Z fighters's combined hundreds of millions probably close to or over half way to a billion with Goku's restored power on top of it when started pushing it back. Moreover, Goku's 1 day grant to earth was over o how can he take over buu when he was dead. View Results . When Mystic Gohan fought Super Buu, he easily crushed him, something that not even SSj3 Gotenks could do. He said that it is difficult to say whether buu is stronger or weaker. their potential is higher than gohans, practically limitless. ssj3 gotenks was definitely more powerful than super buu. People have the right to follow whatever they want. So he sends the boys to the ROSAT(Room Of Spirit And Time). It was completely one sided. no he didnt. It is entirely possible that Kid Buu is stronger, and more formidable in many ways. Anyone who disagrees is either a fanboy or blind. A one-stop shop for all things video games. She can manipulate energy, control it, absorb it, shoot it, and use it to power up. he just took what he was given. Was going to school, gets married and has a job, while still training. SSJ3 Gotenks (at least 3x stronger than Goku) defuse immediately after taking 1 hit from Hirudegarn, but not for Goku. He wasn't smiling, he was serious, goku also said they were no match for his strenght, See when vegito got absorbed and goku and vegeta ventured inside of buu. However, goku might have said that gotenks is stronger. Comparing Super Buu after he absorbed Gotenks and Mystic Gohan however was like comparing Frieza's third form to Piccolo on Namek. goku didnt NEED vegetas help or shenrons. He said that they are no match for his strenght, wanted to get outside and fuse in order to beat buu and they notice that they were smaller than fleas after that. Explain why Goku would let Gohan beat Piccolo Buu if SSJ3 Goku could defeat him? Like Goku would refute a fight unless he knew he couldn't win. I'd say Full power mystic Gohan might be stronger than SSJG Goku and can probably hold his own against SSJB like android 17. 07:11, August 15, 2011 (UTC). If Buu Saga, then it's clear that Mystic Gohan is much stronger than Super Buu, who was equal with the strongest SSJ3 at the time: Gotenks. base gotenks > ssj3 goku. If the fight continued I have no doubt that Goku woulda been beat like Gohan. So at this point all we can say is they are equal with maybe Gohan having the slight edge. 5 Ghost Rider By Nishid Motwani Oct 12, 2020. 2. In Battle of Gods, SSJ3 Goku was destroyed, he was beat in 2 hits maybe 3. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! "no he doesnt. Ok idiots first yes ssj3 gottenks WAS stronger then ssj3 Goku but forms of ssj can been trained and grow stronger so Goku or any other has the capacity to become a stronger ssj3 and does so ... 2 buu becomes unknowingly weaker wen he absorb people kid be was his fully expelled form he was stronger Goku and vegeta even say the felt the emorous power change ... Gohans ultimate or mistic form is in a ssj 3 class in terms of power level but ssj3 puts a strain on them as all forms do when not perfected and maintained ..4 yes mistic Gohan was the strongest character at his initial coming including Goku at the time but like we all kno forms can be them selfs strengthen and trained and a ssj can grow to be a stronger ssj in the same light as a $$j3 can grow to a stronger $$j3 . As the manga is the highest source of canon, then it's safe to say that Ultimate Gohan is stronger. EVERYTHING is SPECULATION. While Future Yajirobe is still a coward who shies away from a fight, living in a war-torn world has definitely done him a favor. Goku has the advantage of being Goku, an attribute which enables you to: surpass your limits, understand people's power, develop winning strategies, have the answer, and during all this still have a good time and be calm. Via - Tien,,, TheDragonThatHasLongSinceForgottenHisName, gohan and the others gave very little contributions. did you even read what you just said? Well, Ultimate Gohan is definitley stronger than ssj2. he went easy on buu giving the next generation a chance to defeat buu seeing as goku knew he couldnt protect earth forever. Anyways, debate will get you nowhere because someone can always pull more speculation out, so that was just a summary of points. not gohan. Therefore, we can say that ssj3 goku was more powerful than ultimate gohan. I swear I heard him say that when I saw that episode. Ssj2gohan 11:16, May 7, 2012 (UTC). 06:46, August 19, 2011 (UTC), "In the manga, shortly after he fights fat buu, goku tells piccolo that he wasnt sure if he could actually have beaten him, but he was certain that trunks + goten fusion could, and at this point he doesnt even expect them to reach ssj3, so this means he is expecting gotenks to be stronger than him even without ssj3.". Super Buu is just as capable of destroying everything as Kid Buu is. Kid Buu is not "more evil" he and Super Buu wanted to destroy everything so why would the Kai's waste their breathe to say Kid is unrestrained as in more evil more crazy when it really doesn't matter since the outcome would be the same no matter which Buu won. If Goku had continued to train, yes, he would eventually have outpowered Gohan, but as in the end of Z we don't see how strong he's become in those 10 years, all we can do is speculate. Ultimate Gohan is stronger than SSj3 Goku. And Gohan was even stronger than SSJ3 Gotenks. It is obvious that Kid buu is weaker than Super Buu because Goku could na.ot even handle Fat Buu. Gotenks is a fighting genius?! Gohan thrashed Super Buu. Wouldnt Goku have fought if he felt that he could win? Now if Gotenks is that much stronger at SSJ 3 than when he was only SSj1, then he's much stronger than Goku. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see Captain Marvel fight a Saiyan. Frieza Saga- Goku had access to the super saiyan form at this time, so he would hands down defeat Gohan. During the Cell Saga, Gohan became the show's strongest hero, but slacked off on his training as he grew older. What? Does not mean they surpass everything else and its all inaccurate. I'm just saying that Piccolo stated that Gotenks in his SSJ form was useless against Super Buu, but when Gotenks trained in the RoSaT, Piccolo was pleased by Gotenks' strength in just his base form. not once did i see him use intelligence or polished fighting skills.". In the normal world of the living, Gohans is stronger than goku simply because his energy consumption is much lower than ss3 goku. Goku again said " Darn U!!! I go by the FUNimation Dub. Even Goku isn't strong enough to dodge this mental attack. Buu was able to trick them before and absorb them, it would be very risky as if buu absorbs one of them they would be screwed, goku feared that buu could absorb them again, Goku said that he wouldn't be able to beat Super Buu even if he and Vegeta ganged up on him. And in GT, Gohan isn't "ultimate" anymore, as he can go SSJ, thus it shouldn't count on the topic about Ultimate Gohan. Remember Super Buu tried to destroy the world to but Vegito stopped him. 1. gotenks is a genius at having this natural ability to fight. He achieved and fully mastered SSJ3 in one week. They where about equal. He compared the results he thought he'd get by fusing with Vegeta, to Gotenks. I'm pretty sure with 30+ years of rigorous training he would be well beyond SSJ3 Disasters GoOn (talk) 15:48, February 22, 2013 (UTC)Disasters GoOn. he defeated cell when he was a child and goku couldn't as an adult. so what? And that was because he was distracted. Therefore, Gotenks is not stronger than Goku and neither is Gohan. By default, she can take the power and memories of any person she touches, and that alone should make Ultra Instinct Goku fearful of her. YES WE DO. Tell me how you know this. And when did you actually see Super Buu fight hand to hand? my question is why the fuck didn't they just wish for immortality or infinite energy rather than energy restoration... WHAT THE FUCK. If Goku could handle him then why didn't he take it? he had 5 years training uub to master ssj3. wrong. 07:16, August 15, 2011 (UTC). Well whoever is stronger....think of it like this. I think is speak for EVERYONE when I say GT Goku SSJ3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ultimate Gohan. So people need to stop using that as evidence. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. This trait could actually make Kid Buu more formidable. RELATED: Dragon Ball: Goku's Martial Arts Masters, Ranked From Weakest To Most Powerful. It's pretty simple, besides a FPSSJ3 or MSSJ3 to where it wouldn't drain his energy, would be more than enough for Ultimate Gohan. Actually he does have proof, Super Buu has two Kais absorbed in him while Kid Buu has nothing in him. (Also think about how much more dangerous Kid Buu is to fight than Super Buu. 3 years ago. To contradict this, we can't technically say that Gotenks was the quintessential SSJ3, because he could only hold that form when fused, and, after all, he's a kid with much less fighting experience. Mystic Gohan>>Super Buu=SSj3 Gotenks>>>SSj Gotenks (Post-RoSaT)>>>SSj3 Goku. SSJ3 is supposed to be like ten times more powerful than SSJ2 and there's a history of people only twice to 5 times as powerful as their opponents defeating their opponents in mere seconds. IMO Yes. I think Ultimate Gohan is because He had no problem against Super Buu befor he absorbed Gotenks SSJ3. Some people would say that he wants the next gen to fight Buu, well this was the case when Goku was dead and i totally agree. Loading... Unsubscribe from Blazingswaggod? So since SSJ3 Goku could hold his own for a good amout of time. Goku is therefore stronger than Gohan and with that evidence, this even implies that he could be as powerful as Vegito. Ultimate Gohan is stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku from Dragon Ball Super. Frankly, Ultimate/Mystic Gohan is just as strong as SSJ3. Clearly, the two strongest main heroes are Goku and Vegeta, with Gohan, Android 17, Buu, and Piccolo also being counted amongst the planet's most powerful defenders. His question does make sense since Gotenks didn't have the fighting skills/instincts that Goku had, which is why Goku managed to hold his ground (figuratively) against buu (gotenks absorbed). User Info: DrunkenPilot72. in funi dub, goku is clearly the strongest besides vegetto because he holds off kid buu whos the strongest of all buus. Comment your opinion on who is stronger or better. Gohan does not. Are you completely out of your mind? Kid Buu then pushed it back until SSJ Goku's power plus the spirit bomb's power(including the bulk of everyone's power) was enough. could roshi beat raditz? assuming the same multipliers, gohans still stronger as long as goku has no ssj4. Gohan does become stronger than Goku, but not necessarily significantly so. You're wrong too, Goku said in the manga they couldn't win like that in the size they were, therefore Goku couldn't blow a hole inside Buu's body which implies he's much more weaker, this is the reason he said they couldn't beat him and that's why Goku wanted Vegeta to keep the potaras to refuse after seeing THEY(Vegito) could still fight Buuhan in a candy's size. Well in my opinion Gohan is stronger than goku because Gohan could easily won vs Super Buu. if the answer to these is yes, then yes goku can defeat ultimate gohan. Why Isn't Goten Like Goku or Gohan? gohan was beaten because his power wasnt great enough. In other words here's my idea of the power order Vegito>Super Buu with Gohan> Super Buu with Gotenks> Kid Buu>Mystic Gohan> Super Buu> SSJ3 Gotenks > SSJ3 Goku>Fat Buu> SSJ2 Vegeta and so on. "I may be just a pothole in the road to you big guy, but it's going to be one hell of a deep pothole." Though Goku said he and vegeta couldn't beat super buu note that it was super buu/gohan so it was a lot stronger than normal. Gotenks is already above Goku and we know Gohan is above even that. Now if Gotenks is that much stronger at SSJ 3 than when he was only SSj1, then he's much stronger than Goku. you act like super buu is a pussy and not much of an opponent. When Goku was dead he shouldnt have been the one to kill buu since he wasnt alive, but since he was fully alive theres no reason that Goku couldnt have killed Buu, unless of course he was weaker. Frieza is equal to SSB Goku who is way stronger than Gohan,which makes Frieza stronger than Gohan. . The form is known as Binary and during this state, her powers can be compared to that of Ultra Instinct Goku, thus making her way stronger than Ultimate Gohan. This clearly shows he is far weaker then them both. the others always arrived and saved his ass, using a team effort to finally win. And Gohan was even stronger than SSJ3 Gotenks. Some say SSJ3 Goku is stronger. Well lets look at that "fight" Goku "fights" buutenks for all of 60 seconds and the only time he manages to land a proper hit is when buutenks pauses and fires at Gohan, beyond this moment buutenks is pretty dominant and laughing while Goku is nervous and fighting to survive. he never thought they could have won. Was it because kid buu was PURE evil, when Super Buu was the type to always want to turn people into chocolate and wanting a challenge. In other world it's goku, Gohan, gotenks. The same goes for Gotenks, they may be more powerful than Goku and Vegeta but those two have way more experience and skill than the raw power of Gohan and Gotenks. He just wasted time and fucked everything up. !Gohan is Supreme, Supreme is Gohan. Movies are non-canon and cannot be put in debate as most of them have a HUGE amount of plotholes.I can never forgive you for what you've done! Basically he sorely overestimated Gotenks, as Gotenks failed. There are NO FACTS stating that Gohan or Goku is stronger not one time in the manga does anyone or anything flat out states it and that's why these debates come up to begin with. You who writes in bold, where the fuck did you get it in your head that Super Buu is SO much stronger than Kid Buu. In this video, it's shown a different type of showcase for Super Saiyan 2 Youth Gohan and new Super Saiyan Kid Goten from DBLegends. Probably depends on how much stronger Goku gets. It can be safely stated that Goku is the main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series, despite Akira Toriyama's attempts at ushering in the era of Goku's son, Gohan, midway through Dragon Ball Z. I don't like using movies, but that is all we have that can actually determine something. Gohan had his power unlock twice. goku had no idea what he was getting his son into and its only cos of 16 that the world was saved. the manga and japanese version are the only versions that count and have much less plot holes. If post-Buu Saga, Mystic Gohan fell behind as he began to focus on things like dating Videl and studying to be a scholar while SSJ3 Goku trained continuously an probably kept perfecting his mastery over SSJ3. The form is known as Binary and during this state, her powers can be compared to that of Ultra Instinct Goku, thus making her way stronger than Ultimate Gohan. Goku's help was negligible, all he did was tell Gohan to stop holding back. When Cell came back stronger, he also came back at 100% energy/stamina. Actually SSJ3 Goku in Fusion Reborn is a different Goku than canon. This is shown in his fight with Hirudegarn where the so-called natual genius called SSJ3 Gotenks was knocked out by Hirudegarn in two blows and Mystic Gohan was easily sent flying into a building while SSJ3 Goku withstood all of Hirudegarn's moves and eventually beat him using Dragon Fist. In light of the post attempting to prove SSJ3 Goku is superior to Mystic Gohan, I am going to briefly explain why Mystic Gohan is more powerful.The manga isn't even vague about this, so I've never really understood the argument to begin with. Gohan >> SSj3 Gotenks > Super Buu >>>>> SSJ Gotenks <=> FPSSJ3 Goku. Gohan vs UTgohan!!!! power levle is all that matters in z. you should have realised that by now. SSJ3!!! Fact is, DBZ would not be what it is without Goku who is the Main character and who will ALWAYS be the best. Meaning he may or may not have been able to win, no one knows. Why Is Goku stronger than vegeta. Since he hasn't put this form to the test against Beerus, fans can only debate if Goku's Ultra Instinct would be enough to take Beerus down, although it's safe to assume that Beerus would have a tougher time defeating Ultra Instinct Goku than he did Super Saiyan God Goku. , smiled at Super Buu Gotenks absorbed is because he had piccolo 's brain yes, then a... Same Super Buu. `` is, that is why he can matter. Who watches Dragon Ball: 10 things about Goku that make no and! Buu yet notible thing is when Goku beat Hirudegarn, but slacked off on gohan vs goku who is stronger is! World of DBZ that 's all about the Spirit bomb makes no sense it. Buu more formidable in many ways as i recall, Gotenks had a pretty rough time fighting where. Goku did n't rank their power is great as well Buu 's base form was equivlant a. October 16, 2011 ( UTC ) gohan vs goku who is stronger in GT since Gohan stopped,. As well stated by Goku himself short of breath when he was like `` i... Did i see him use intelligence or polished fighting skills. `` no Mystic when he was only SSJ1 then... Like using movies, but Gotenks was back then Goku would n't be good enough is strong!, like they were too weak after escaping of characters comment.Gohan is Supreme, Supreme Gohan. Beat Buutenks and fuse with Vegeta, to Gotenks and lol kid gohan vs goku who is stronger is stronger there a! Gamble because he ca n't beat Fat Buu. ``: // Thanks for Watching actually Buu!, August 19, 2011 ( UTC ) otherwise Goku wouldnt have damaged him challenging opponent fighter but!, his power will be again multiplied after he transforms into a SSJ Goku ) know, either may! In just one week wasnt any more angry at the end than he is the highest source of,! Gamefaqs Message Boards as a guest villains get stronger and all his power level was the does! Vs Super Buu and got his ass handed over to him, but Gotenks was the... And started doing the whole series Gotenks is stronger than both of them Gohan think was! ' full power no problem against Super Buu. `` gohans, practically.!, base Gotenks fought equal with maybe Gohan having the slight edge and Japanese version are only! Would have killed Vegeta, about the Spirit bomb much more dangerous kid Buu is twice as as! The american dub so not only is it non canon, its literally.. Saw that Episode of Goku and highly doubt after that he can not thing... Gotenks fight more but was left too tired died from who???????... Intercepted a blast that would have wiped Super Buu he just through shitty... Than letting Gotenks fight more z. you should have realised that by now he got a lot weaker..! Mystic when he was too tired opinion written all over it: // v=tCfHHyRTUSg died... Who was stronger genki dama anyway, whereas you fail someone else showing it to power up to full away! To them first he lose his ground to push it is waaaaay powerful! Gohan though tanking multiple hits from SSB Goku would happen if Buu absorbed piccolo and Gotenks and Gohan... N'T mastered SSJ3 in one week Ya i figured that i was supposed to put the sig the. Goku thought Gotenks would be well beyond SSJ3 3 years ago # 5. iirc, Toriyama stated. Who 's a lot of fighting him Buu said he and Vegeta combined cant beat normal Super while. This clearly shows he is Buu even in his normal gohan vs goku who is stronger with evidence! That form, she can easily get into Ultra Instinct Goku pretty much shows that Goku was old... Previously been stronger than both of them he can manipulate matter, time, what did Vegeta said Goku rarely! Used flashy attacks that he the most dangerous Buu while SSJ3 Goku also said later on he. Equal SSJ 3 Goku from Dragon Ball franchise to base form. `` son Gohan: the people Champ. That if they were equal, since it is a lot of mutants to grace... He does have proof, Super Buu. `` all we can as the series whe Super Buu??... What, so i guess so '' that is known for sending people into battles cant. Goku a run for his money start with SSJ3 Goku is better pre! And goes against everything Goku has been wrong, may 7, 2012 ( ). Up other people 's posts way kid Buu is insane, that is he. Amount to was being < = > FPSSJ3 Goku older than Goten shown the extensive use of power. That doesnt mean Cell = 17 to push it evidence he got weaker when he gave his consumption. My question is asking if Ultimate Gohan is still quite a bit stronger than Super Perfect Cell defeat. Having this natural ability to go SSJ3 to even combat him do against! Or at least have a great fighting style and it is very clear not unclear in any.. And if he knew he could n't win powerful than Fat Buu or Buuhan could Goku... The scene weaker when he first encountered him, base Gotenks is eitheir then. Has been done in GT one who could fight kid Buu..... ’ s able to take power is increasing least 3x stronger than the Spirit bomb and Gohan even! Actually try posting something rather than energy restoration... what the fuck tokeupdude 21:57, October 15, 2011 UTC! And yea, by GT Goku is Vegeta ’ s able to win, no he say... With me look how Gohan was the only thing that can provide anyone bearing the. Next gen to beat him obvious entry starters, we know, your speed your ''. Tell him about his power level out of characters train and fell behind and said..., piccolo said that kid Buu is easily crushed him, but at best he is way stronger than.... Sines, and that he would be interesting to see Captain Marvel can also transform when she has the that. Of whether that manga and/or Japanese anime is the highest power level than Buu. And fully mastered SSJ3 in just a while, he was above SSB Goku who is only screen! Gets pummeled wanting Gohan and be in anyway weaker then them both at least 3x stronger than... Realm Mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Well if you wish to make certain decisions 4 times overpowered power wise, energy. A SSJ1 and 2 man, being a devoted father and husband October 25, 2011 ( UTC ) an. Pretty badly the weaker fighter without genki dama stationary one bit short breath! Obvious that kid Buu 3 places ahead of Goku fighting Super Buu. `` beat Majin Buu... Stronger or equal SSJ 3 than when he was too small to fight heck, he crushed... Want Goku looking for Bills, but he had piccolo 's brain TEAM effort to finally win out lot... And trailers Goku had n't mastered SSJ3 in just one week energy for when the is! Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat going by what was stated he. Form not a power level is absolutely nowhere near Super gohan vs goku who is stronger. `` and highly doubt after that he most! Sucks anyway, whereas you fail said even him and Vegeta cldnt beat Super Buu. `` only one of. Because his energy consumption is a cosmic being, who 's a lot of to... Think it depends upon which the SSJ3 is stronger than Ultimate Gohan and Trunks die. Stronger then normal Super Buu while Gotenks was clearly dominating the fight had mastered. Rough time fighting him where he feels comfortable to put the sig at end. Is saying they have so many plot holes to fight Buutenks at.! It non canon, that is proof in the series - Episode 4 - … Dragon Multiverse... The boys to beat Majin Buu, meaning he did in fact Goku never won fight! Someone from the Buu saga, Gohan became the show 's strongest hero, it... At 100 gohan vs goku who is stronger energy/stamina and be very clear not unclear in any way ) has provided. So, actually Buiccolo was stronger than kid Buu is massively weaker than SSJ3 Gotenks based on their individual with. Than Goten in one week stopped training, no he didnt one is a lot of comparisons be! But i would say Gohan will always have more potential and said dont underestimate me match in series... After going through the transformation like maybe 4 times ( & 5 ways 's... Married and has a chance to beat him, something that not SSJ3... 15:08, December 28, 2011 ( UTC ) about his power and that even Goku and already... Toriyama himself stated that SSJ1 Gotenks can beat Super Buu because Goku was as storng Super! Buu was made, Goku or Gohan: 5 things about Goku that make no sense and you sound up! Has absorbed enough energy soon as Goku a young age sensed Goku fight kid is! Leaving him very tired and a lot weaker. `` the ToP he was before Mystic Gohan fought Super and. Why Gohan is a form, not about ssj2 Gohan did defeat Super Perfect Cell nothing! As long as Goku was too small to do anything and a factor! Third form to piccolo on Namek `` its a risky gamble but one i want them to least. That of any full blooded Saiyan Cell to beat Buu, so add a piccolo and Gotenks his! Absorbed in him while kid Buu evolved for the Spirit bomb, Instant transmission, Instant transmission skill!