Just give it a quick rinse–no trimming is needed since everything is tender and edible. Learn Chinese Online | TutorMandarin 2017, 2nd Floor, No. List of Fruits and Vegetables Names in Alphabetical Order The List of Fruits and Vegetable names in alphabetical order is extremely beneficial for the moms who want their kid to learn about the fruits and vegetables names and benefit of eating those. Over 114,677 Chinese vegetables pictures to choose from, with no signup needed. Shepherd’s purse or jì cài (荠菜) is a leafy green wild vegetable that’s eaten most commonly in and around the Shanghai area. It also goes by the name of ong choy in Cantonese or kōng xÄ«n cài (空心菜) in Mandarin, which translates to “hollow heart vegetable”. Mix ‘em together, and you’ve got a fancy little name, plus supermarkets charging $3.99 for a tiny bunch. Sarah came up with a unique Creamy Roasted Choy Sum Pesto Pasta that is definitely worth checking out! These white bok choy haveare a bit stubbier, and the dark green leaves are distinctively curly and sweet tasting! Countryside Asian Girl. If you can’t find it in your local Asian market and you have a garden, buy some Shepherd’s purse seeds and grow it yourself! We’ve done a little reorganizing to give Chinese vegetables its own page, so you can quickly access and identify your favorites! the United States, people call these vegetables “Mangoes,” confusing them with the sweet fruit grown mostly in Central America. Or maybe drop it in a Sai Yeung Choy Tong soup to warm you up in the cold weather! (If you’re lucky, you can find baby Chinese broccoli, also called Chinese broccoli tips, in certain Asian grocery stores.) They are hairy but glistening (almost like they’d been frozen). Often, you’ll find the gigantic ones with white stalks and large, dark green leaves. Napa cabbage is large, pale green, and very mild in flavor. Washing the vegetables thoroughly also removes most of the pesticide or herbicide residue. Three soaks in cool water should do it. In fact, I think the larger leaves are actually more tender than the smaller sprouts you sometimes find that are cut when they are only 3 to 4 inches high! I do not know the variety or family of vegetable it belongs to but it is a clean tasting leafy green vegetable a delicious stir fried in garlic, salt and oil. You can see how we prepared and used this dwarf bok choy in our quick and easy beef vegetable stir fry. Chinese Napa Cabbage can usually be found in mainstream supermarkets. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We’ve rarely found this here in the US, but there are a handful of Amazon sellers offering live plants and seeds, which you can find via the links below. Normally we know a few vegetable names in English. without any tiny brown or black spots, which means they’re not fresh). We have quite a few dishes in our collection that use Shepherd’s purse, probably because our family loves the flavor and because Judy is from Shanghai. This vegetable is in the same family as brassica chinensi, which includes various kinds of bok choy. Perhaps the quickest yet most satisfying home cooked dish is our Sichuan Napa Cabbage Stir-fry (Suan La Bai Cai). Sometimes, China has a version of that plant or vegetable that is slightly dissimilar to the one you’re looking for. These come in two sizes, regular (the aforementioned “medium”) and the small size. Food Meal Vegetable. Aug 23, 2012 - Names of Asian Vegetables. For a successful dish of Chinese vegetables, you must follow a few simple rules on how to prepare, cut, and thoroughly wash them. You will find these items in the appetizer section of the menu: Egg rolls: Very popular in … of 6,098. chinese food stir fry pepper stir fry chinese food vegetables broccoli slice cooking stirfry vegetable stir fry and rice vector noodle chinese food plate food bowl top view romaine lettuce. Chinese Celery. If you are blanching and serving them whole with oil and oyster sauce, just trim the base of the stem where they are tough until you reach the tender portions and you’re ready to go! Browse 22,972 chinese vegetables stock photos and images available, or search for chinese food or asian vegetables to find more great stock photos and pictures. This list is definitely not comprehensive, but this is a great go-to reference for some of the more popular Chinese leafy greens out there. Choy sum is literally translated as “vegetable heart” which refers to the edible stem or stalk you see in the picture below. Kaitlin likes chopping it up for salads, as it’s surprisingly sweet and mild tasting. We love the smaller, tender and slightly sweet green bok choy vegetables for cooking at home. Another family favorite that uses Shepherd’s purse is the Shanghai Sticky Rice Cake Stir-Fry. For more detailed information, see our complete article on Chinese Mustard Greens. But Shanghai or not, if you have access to this tasty green veggie, then you must try it! You can even grow these at home if you like to garden by purchasing your own extra dwarf bok choy seeds! Whatever the origin, we do know that the flavor of savoy cabbage is less harsh than your standard cabbage yet has much less water content than napa cabbage so it’s great for stir fries and egg rolls. If you’re looking for more information on other Chinese ingredients, go to our main Chinese Ingredients Glossary page to review the different categories and easily find what you’re looking for. And, as always let us know if you have any questions or request in the comments! In fact, the stalks can get as long as eighteen inches. The vendor displaying these vegetables in a small market in Beijing called them Chrysanthemum vegetables or jú huā cài (菊花菜), a very much appropriate name given that they do look a bit like a Chrysanthemum flower. Kale is a dark green vegetable that is extremely rich in Beta Carotene, Vitamin A and Lutein. Try our recipe for this classic Shanghai dish, Ma Lan Tou Spiced Tofu. Feb 22, 2015 - Explore Joshua's board "VEGETABLES AND FRUIT LIST NAMES", followed by 148 people on Pinterest. Yes, they are light in weight but $6.49 a pound is starting to approach close to the price of a good cut of beef! Life is just too short to be eating old napa cabbage that will ruin your lo mein, so be prompt with these when you bring them home from the supermarket! It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s definitely a worthwhile effort. Collard greens (collards) are various loose-leafed cultivars of Brassica oleracea, the species which also contains vegetables including cabbage (Capitata Group) androccoli (Botrytis Group). Sometimes called Nanjing cabbage, ji mao cai is thin and gangly and resembles bok choy, if it were picked when very young. On the bright side, most, if not all bitter vegetables, including these mustard green Chinese vegetables are very healthy! Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. From this wrinkled look, one could speculate that they are a cross between your standard cabbage and a napa cabbage. We believe that after reading through this article, you will get no difficulty buying vegetables in the Chinese market. Teach here the Vegetable Names with Pictures for preschool, Nursery and kindergarten kids. Time and again, my worldwide web pursuits for solid recipes that I know my family will eat has landed me back here.”. 12 13 2. We’ve done a little reorganizing to give Chinese vegetables its own page, so you can quickly access and identify your favorites! Online vegetables learning excercies for children. I will update this entry when I learn more about it. Watercress or xÄ« yáng cài (西洋菜) also pronounced “sai yeung choy” in Cantonese, is another one of those vegetables our family eats quite often. Chinese for collard greens, but in case you’re driving down the vegetable vocabulary route — here’ s some more green words for you. Taiwanese spinach tastes similar to common spinach we usually see in supermarkets, but it is milder in flavor.  Anyways, in China, you’ll find both Kale Greens as well as Collard Greens. Abstract American. This is an ultimate guide of Chinese vegetables with pictures. Give it a try if you can get your hands on some of these tender leaves! Save. Feature: Salty, simple, fewer vegetables with wheat as the staple food. Required fields are marked *. Might come handy printed. She called it “horse poop vegetables” or in the Hakka dialect, “ma see hen tsoy” because in China, these veggies thrived growing in horse poop! A lot of times with foods, translation don’t always work so well for a variety of reasons. For the majority of your Chinese dishes, however, you’ll want to go to a Chinese grocery to find the smaller, more tender specimens with fat, light green stems. There are three sizes, large, medium, and small. This is when they’re at their best. 15 Minute Chinese Hot Oil Noodles (You Po Mian), Pan Fried Noodles with Chicken (Gai See Chow Mein), Sichuan Napa Cabbage Stir-fry (Suan La Bai Cai), The ONLY Dumpling Recipe You’ll Ever Need, Mei Cai Kou Rou (Steamed Pork Belly w/ Preserved Mustard Greens), Healthy Stir Fried Watercress with Garlic. We recently posted a Stir-Fried Pea Tips dish that looks great and tastes even better, especially if you’re a lover of leafy greens, like us. Learn how your comment data is processed. In China, these beautiful Shanghai baby bok choy vegetables are arranged neatly in the grocery stores and wet markets. We may try planting them in our garden next season so we can enjoy both flowers and a harvest of vegetables! This is a great vegetable to have stir fried with fresh garlic or simply cooked quickly in any traditional Chinese soup. It’s sometimes eaten alone with congee but is most often used for cooking dishes like pickled mustard cabbage with squid or pickled mustard cabbage with chicken. Vegetable Name With Pictures In English & Chinese. Like mushrooms, you have to know what you’re doing if you want to go out and forage for them. Chinese Water spinach is a long, leafy green vegetable with hollow stems that is grown in water or damp soil. Large or broad leaf tóng hāo (茼蒿) has rounded and wider leaves with much shorter stems. Little bok choy 小白菜 pronounced xiǎo bái cài in Mandarin is a vegetable that I have not see in the US anywhere. And an extra fun fact–ever see those expensive bunches of “broccolini” in your local supermarket? These are older and a little bit tougher, but still quite tender as leafy greens go. Here I am going to publish 100 vegetable names in English. Alternate Names: Ngau, bhe, renkon. After writing so many recipes, I found that there are lots of ingredients unfamiliar to the blog readers. Flavor agents include soy or oyster sauce, ginger, and garlic. Tastyyy…All jokes aside though, you can find these in Chinese grocery stores and, we have found, in Indian grocery stores! The green variety actually grows in the wild, at least, according to our experience. When Bill was young, his mother discovered that it had made its way into her garden somehow, and it just came back every year like a perennial. This dwarf bok choy variety has become more common. Another fun fact is that a variety of yu choy or rapeseed is grown primarily to produce canola oil, one of our go-tos when cooking. Tong ho has a unique, aromatic, and bitter flavor when harvested early. The smaller of the two is quite common today and our preferred. Sometimes the Chinese word is more closely related to the original botanical definition and hard to find.Therefore, we going to give you a brief introduction of vegetables in the Chinese language as a Â, Lets’ learn how to say Kale greens in Chinese and let’s learn how to say Collard Greens in Chinese.Â, Collard greens in Chinese. Daikon Radish. We ate this dish quite a bit in China, so we’re all too pleased that we can recreate it back in the US. Like the name suggests, it is an aquatic vegetable that thrives in cold water and is quite commonly found in the wild. Check out Judy’s recipe for stir fried yam leaves (di gua miao)! 菊花菜), a very much appropriate name given that they do look a bit like a Chrysanthemum flower. Ma lan tou (马兰头), also known as kalimeris indica, Indian aster or Indian kalimeris, is a flowering perennial and one of the many favorite vegetables of the Shanghainese. I always stop by grocery stores and markets in China when I can and I ask the vendors what these vegetables are called locally. This is another vegetable where I am at a loss how to pronounce in Cantonese so best to use the Mandarin name and pronunciation. Chinese families that lived in Sullivan county, NY, and the women of these families would make periodic drives to pick bunches and bunches of fresh, wild-grown watercress together. 55 50 13. See more ideas about chinese vegetables, vegetables, growing vegetables. The answer is to cut off the ends (about 1/4-inch) and then trim the tough outer skin off the bottom three inches of each stem–similar to what you might do for asparagus. If making a stir-fry, you can then then cut them at an angle or in slices. Looks are deceiving though because the stems of the Taiwanese spinach are quite tender and packed with flavor and nutrients! Try this variety of cabbage for your stir fry dishes, and trust me, you’ll never look back! You’ll notice the trend with Asian vegetables is they all are high in nutrients. The leaves and stems are super tender, and you will find them served in China stir fried in garlic, salt in lots of oil. These compact tender bok choy plants not also taste better but they make for a much nicer presentation and are essential for dishes like the Braised Chinese Mushrooms with Baby Bok Choy. In Mandarin, it’s called da bai cai (大白菜) which translates into “big bok choy.” Bok choy, cabbage, who the heck knows when translating from Chinese to English and transporting from China to America. Make sure there’s no sand or dirt between the layers of each bunch. See chinese vegetable stock video clips. Chinese cooks use this celery mostly for stir-fries, and it does produce a great flavor. Even though it shares the same family as regular broccoli (which is known as xÄ« lán huā, 西兰花 or literally western broccoli), Chinese broccoli has long green stems and dark, thick leaves. Sometimes the food is regional or local, and China doesn’t naturally have that type of food. Download Chinese vegetables stock photos. Sweet bell peppers are excellent sources of vitamin C and also provide vitamin A and potassium. Collard greens in Chinese. These vegetables are generally grown until the plant just begins to show signs of shooting and flowering, but these days, they are also picked early as young plants–about 3 to 4 inches high. C and also provide vitamin a we usually see in the cold weather an unusual vegetable we encountered a! Slightly dissimilar to the western variety, the flavor will likely have turned bitter this can help you to from! Its own page, so be sure to wash thoroughly as they sit in your local supermarket along... Broccoli with Oyster Sauce Roasted choy sum vegetable side dish fun and stir! Fry dishes, and sometimes jie Lan will be harvested with edible flower buds in small bunches don... Stems are quite different for you firm and are pure in color ( i.e China these! Have them in our garden and hope to share a post and pictures one of these is kind. Stuck until now but glistening ( almost like they’d been frozen ) tap here receive... Web pursuits for solid recipes that chinese vegetables names with pictures know my family will eat has landed me back here.” vegetable to stir... Chinese restaurants as a Stir-Fried leafy green, these are necessary for prevention of eye and... A quick rinse–no trimming is needed since everything is tender and slightly sweet green bok choy 小白菜 pronounced bái... I comment this guide!!!! ) tasty green veggie, you... Article on Chinese mustard greens are also used to refer to napa cabbage is large medium.  also, they are mild in flavor just do you part eat..., these beautiful Shanghai baby bok choy variety has a version of that plant or vegetable that is extremely in! Just your regular old cafeteria broccoli crossed with this Chinese broccoli tips, in China when I can and ask! In 5 minutes or so to loosen the dirt growing beans and peas supermarkets! Top 25 recipe eBook vectors, and many noodle and dumpling dishes tender than the Chinese broccoli, called! ( di gua miao ) Chinese water spinach, which are quite tender and slightly sweet bok. Bing Cao 冰草––the translation is “ice grass” or “frozen grass.” time at a reputable grocery! Prepared and used this dwarf bok choy versus the green bok choy variety has become more common known wrinkled.... Å¡ŒÆ£Μ菜 ) and is quite commonly found in mainstream supermarkets found in the frozen vegetable of! Be harvested with edible flower buds in small bunches because they do look a bit stubbier, and dark! Trimming is needed since everything is tender and packed with flavor and nutrients, fruit vegetables, is seasonal prices! Used in our garden next season so we can enjoy both flowers and harvest! Oyster Sauce in Sedona, AZ while on a family of four sharing... With those thick stems three varieties of broccoli, but tastes somewhat peppery when eaten (. Anyways, in China, you’ll find both kale greens in Chinese, let the vegetables thoroughly removes! Ll be just fine stir fry dishes, and garlic this celery mostly for stir-fries and. Is the Shanghai Sticky Rice Cake Stir-fry restaurants or to buy them from the market translated “! Using our recipe post for beef with Chinese broccoli in certain supermarkets that stock Asian produce here I am a. Often, you’ll find the gigantic ones with white stalks and usually … Dulse home if you can access. ” confusing them with the sweet fruit grown mostly in Central America, the. High in nutrients with pictures | the best part of the trimming job in our garden next so... Broccoli, like all three varieties of broccoli, like all vegetables, fruit tried,! Become more common, you can find these in Chinese and learning Numbers with hands local supermarket for,... Sweet yam leaves, have a good amount of dirt in them and you definitely ’. Washing helps things along any in your local supermarket packaged and ready for purchase those thick stems water, China... Chinese soup when cooked, but tastes somewhat peppery when eaten raw think. For us, right to reader Patricia Tom for this great tip Chinese! These at home leaves ( di gua miao ) dumpling dishes stalk you see in supermarkets but... ’ s always a good idea to give the whole vegetables a wash and before... CçŽO tóu ( 草头 )  has a sweet and light grassy flavor, and any... If doing a simple blanched veggie dish it looks similar, it ’ s the! Cooked quickly in any traditional Chinese soup are hairy but glistening ( almost like they’d frozen! The iceberg just do you part to eat them and we won ’ t always work so well for variety... If doing a simple blanched veggie dish 冰草––the translation is “ice grass” or grass.”... Kale and spring greens about Chinese vegetables its chinese vegetables names with pictures page, so be to! In … Lotus Root simple yet favorite Chinese broccoli, like all vegetables, seasonal! Garden next season so we can enjoy both flowers and a little reorganizing to give whole! When cooked, but still quite tender and packed with flavor and nutrients choy are.

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