Shapers Series “driver” Model For Future Fin Systems

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the shapers series “driver” are designed for powerful surfing in most conditions and made out of honey Combe and carbon high performance flex.

the fins come as a 6 fun set ; so you can have it as a thruster, quad or quad /twin with a smaller snub style trailer.

a great set of fins designed for bigger waves or surfers weighing 75-90 kilos. this is a guide as apposed to a rule; it depends upon style and personal preference.

Medium(approximate rider weight 75-90Kg)
Construction : Performance Core Construction



This fin has an elongated template for executing long arcing turns and has an extended sweep angle that provides excellent control off the bottom and when carving the face. Particularly good in point-break and reef-break waves. This is the ‘go-to’ fin set for power surfers who push hard against thier fins and carve long drawn-out turns on the wave face. FCS recommend the Carver for boards with deep concaves and moderate-to-extreme rocker.

Construction: Performance Core Carbon – The PC fin is designed to replicate the feeling of a traditional glassed-on or fibreglass fin with the bonus of a greatly reduced weight. The Resin Transfer Moulding process produces a lightweight and flexible fin for a smooth feel and impressive aesthetic.


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