the raging bull

£499.99 £299.99



Surfboard Dimensions:

Length:    5′    –  6’2″
Width:     19″  –  21″

Surfboard Description:

This board is insane!!!  Super fast, drivey and very skatey, the board turns on an incredibly tight radius, which makes it ideal for keeping in the pocket on small waves and trying out tricks. However this is a second hand board.

Designed as a small wave board, it is short and wide with a super relaxed rocker and ‘special’ concaves to enhance speed.  However; it will handle as big as you can paddle into; take offs are late (which makes good practice for bigger days on a more gunny board), but once you’re up and running you’re charging and there ain’t no stopping you!!!!

Suggested fin set up as a thruster or a quad; available as glass on, FCS, Future or Lokbox.



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