I limited myself to spells that I thought made sense, mainly using Spirit Guardians, Spiritual Weapon, and Guiding Bolt as far as leveled spells. Guiding Bolt, Inflict Wounds, Spiritual Weapon, and Spirit Guardians can pump out a ton of damage. Kelemvor's Will Nerys focuses on empowering the formation, increasing the power of her Spiritual Weapon. Spiritual Weapon now follows the Champion with the highest dps, attacking when they do, and dealing damage based on theirs. I'd like to see some of the really cool builds that peak at level 5 (or before). It's a melee attack at ranged. They are "raised" as a spiritual being with a purple\gold glow and use the stats of either the skeleton or ghoul as per the spell. Explain how and why they work, and help others improve their system mastery. To expand the flavour of the deity over the cleric/paladin I was wondering if you could suggest anyways to flavour spells i.e what would a spiritual weapon for a cleric of Oghma look like compared to a cleric of Tempus for example. Kelemvor (kell-em-vor) is the latest in a long line of Faerûnian deities to command the forces of death and oversee the fate of the dead.Death has been the greatest constant throughout human history, but the way humans have viewed this unavoidable force has changed … Kelemvor as a mortal warrior in the Time of Troubles. Help others die with dignity at their appointed time and no sooner. Both Shieldmeet and the Feast of the Moon are of special spiritual significance to Kelemvor's adherents, when clerics recount the Deeds of the Dead that they never be forgotten. On the other side, Bane/Bless, Aid, Hold Person, and the various healing spells are more defensive. I just swerved ever using Animate Dead, even though it is a domain spell, it goes against Kelemvor, but I don't think it hobbled my character at all. Clerics get a ton of options and since you can swap out your spells after a long rest, you can play multiple roles in your party. So show us your builds, be they pure damage, healing, versatility, sneakiness etc. Lord of the Dead, Judge of the Damned, Lord of the Crystal Spire Greater Deity Symbol - Upright skeletal arm holding the golden scales of justice Spiritual weapon is a top spell for death clerics (probably as a scythe). Tip the Scales – Level 100 Ultimate Attack. Bone-and-skull motifs predominate, and some of the larger temples even feature now-sealed chambers once used for revivification or darker rites. Increases the effect of Nerys's Spiritual Weapon ability by 100%. Nerys' Ultimate Attack: Tip the Scales For Nerys' ultimate, we wanted to come up with something really fun. If you choose Kelemvor's Will, she increases the effect of her Spiritual Weapon, including when it's basing it's damage off of another Champions' DPS. Follow My Friend: Nerys' spiritual weapon follows the highest damage champion in the formation, attacking when they do. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lliira (leer-ah) is the perpetually moving maiden of countless ballads, the archetypal dancing ingenue that has inspired poets, songwriters, and any who revel in the experience and wonderment of a life lived gaily and free. 1973: 60: 2.54e24: 0: upgrade_ability: buff_upgrade,200,1940 Having an amazing build that works to level 20 is great, but not many players get to see those dizzying heights. Favored Weapon: “Fatal Touch” (bastard sword) Kelemvor is the latest in a long line of Faerûnian deities to command the forces of death and oversee the fate of the dead. I love this series so far! Nerys leaps into the field, unleashing a halo of divine energy.